When can you use this consultation? If your pet is an established patient of Dr. Keith and is having an issue related to something he has already consulted with you on. This is a brief follow-up question with a brief response. If you feel that the answer you are seeking may be more in-depth than a brief written response, navigate back to your Portal to schedule a Telehealth or in-person consultation.


If using this form for anything else besides its intended purpose, unfortunately, we’ll need to close the request. The fee won’t be refunded, but we’d be happy to assist once you book the appropriate consultation. Thank you for understanding!


Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time

Dr. Keith replies to your Mini Written Consultation within 24-36 hours of receipt of request (during normal business hours).

For example – requests on Tuesday afternoon will receive a reply by end of business day Thursday. Requests on Friday will be returned by the end of business day Monday.

Requests are handled fairly in order of receipt.

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If you’re unsure whether your request qualifies for a “Mini Written Consultation,” check the examples below. If you remain uncertain, consider scheduling a regular consultation for more comprehensive assistance.


Example 1: my pet has an issue and the first treatment plan we tried helped a great deal, but there is still some residual symptoms.  Is there another option I can try at this point?

Example 2: My pet has been eating a particular diet and is no longer wanting to eat that food, what are some other options that would be good for their situation?

Example 3: My regular veterinarian recommends year-round heart worm treatment.  Should I give this monthly?

Example 4: I found a flea on my dog, what are the best, least toxic options to treat?

Example 5: My pet is losing/gaining weight on the recommended food and amount.  Should I change something?

Example 6: I am an established client of Dr. Keith and I have a question about general health care for my pets – ie. – flea medication administration, preventative – vaccine questions, quick diet question (recommended brands, amount to eat etc). Schedule a telehealth or in-person consultation.


Example 1: My pet has _______ condition and recently has not been doing well, should I continue giving the herbs or medications they have been prescribed or should I change things?   This requires a deeper evaluation of how everything is going and is more in depth. Schedule a telehealth or in-person consultation.

Example 2: I have a diet question for my pet, but they were recently diagnosed with another medical issue.  Can you help guide me on the appropriate choices?  This involves reassessment of the pet’s condition and nutritional plan.  This requires more in-depth telehealth or in-person consultation.

Example 3: My pet is hospitalized and has been diagnosed with a serious disease process.  I would like Dr. Keith to review all the records and diagnostics from the specialty clinic and help me understand what the best next steps look like.


This “MAY QUALIFY” category empowers you to determine if a brief written consultation is suitable. However, please note that there’s a likelihood Dr. Keith may advise scheduling a standard consultation if deemed necessary at his discretion. In such instances, he will still offer a mini response/assistance to your request and guide you to schedule a standard follow-up appointment. By proceeding with the submission of a Mini Written Consultation, you agree to pay this fee, even if Dr. Keith recommends a standard consultation.

Example 1: My pet is having an urgent issue that is not something that Dr. Keith has seen them for before and you would like prompt advice on how to proceed through urgent care and specialty.  Depending on how complicated this is, it may require telehealth or in person consultation to follow-up.

Example 2: My pet recently had labwork or diagnostics performed.  My vet says that they look normal.  I would like Dr. Keith to evaluate them for me.  If this evaluation reveals other underlying issues, Dr. Keith may suggest a telehealth or in-person consultation.  However, if the evaluation and response is straightforward this is a good option for brief written consultation.

Example 3: My pet is vomiting.  Should I take them to urgent care or fast them for 24 hours?  If the consultation request is submitted during normal office hours, Dr. Keith should/may be able to respond in a timely fashion.


For emergencies, contact your local emergency animal hospital.

For more common questions and additional information, please visit our FAQs page.