To provide compassionate, holistic veterinary care that integrates the benefits of traditional western veterinary medicine with the powerful healing potential of acupuncture, nutrition, botanical medicine (Chinese and Western herbs), Reiki and homeopathy.

Dr. Keith Weingardt, DVM, CVA

Since the time he could pronounce the word, Keith knew he was going to be a veterinarian. He walked his path of caring for animals since childhood, working as a kennel kid in the local animal hospital and gradually learning more and more about patient care and the crucial role a veterinarian plays in supporting not only the patients but also their people. From an early age, he cultivated compassion and empathy toward animals and their people that have always guided his care.

Dr. Keith Weingardt attended Cornell University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and then received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. After graduation, he moved to San Diego, California, where he did an internship in Emergency and Critical Care. This experience honed his skills as a clinician and helped him become familiar with a vast array of medical problems, their diagnosis, and treatment. It was during this time as an emergency veterinarian that he started to begin questioning things. He began to realize the limitations of what conventional care had to offer for his patients, especially those that were older or those that had chronic diseases. This realization was driven home when his own dog Max became ill, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his quality of life rapidly declined. Faced with humane euthanasia, he sought help outside the box and was introduced to holistic veterinary modalities by a veterinarian in San Diego. Thankfully, by changing Max’s diet and supporting him with remedies and supplements, Max lived another 6 months of good quality of life. The experience with Max not only opened Keith’s mind but also opened his heart to potential possibilities.

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This began a quest of lifelong learning that continues today. Dr. Keith has intensively studied many integrative and holistic modalities ranging from acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs, western herbs, reiki, homeopathy, nutrition, and supplementation. He received certifications in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, and animal chiropractic. He has also received Reiki Master attunement. Dr. Keith utilizes this diverse base of knowledge when caring for his patients, taking the time to tailor therapy to each individual and their unique presentation. He also focuses on the role that lifestyle and environment play in overall animal well-being. Dr. Keith encourages pet parents to be actively engaged in the healing process and take responsibility for the choices they make in their pet’s lives.

Dr. Keith considers himself a dedicated herbalist. Moving to the Pacific Northwest has only increased his passion for plants. The medicine in this region is so abundant. He finds a deep connection in Nature. He spends time with his plant teachers in the forest and loves wild crafting herbal formulas from plants that he harvests from the woods. He incorporates this knowledge and connection into his work designing formulas for ThorneVet, a leading animal health supplement company. Dr. Keith is passionate about teaching and sharing his love of holistic health care with his clients and other veterinarians.

Dr. Keith Weingardt takes great pride in how he connects with his patients from the heart, listening to what the patient is telling him and using this feedback to guide his treatment choices and approach. He creates an environment that is relaxed, peaceful, calm and nurturing. He treats all his patients as if they were his own, operating from a foundation of compassion and empathy. 

Outside of his work, Dr. Keith loves spending time with his wife Beth, daughter Abigail and their four-legged children. He is an avid skier, backpacker and hiker. Depending on the season, you can find him slashing some fresh powder in the Cascades or backpacking in Olympic National Park. 

Dr. Keith Weingardt and his family kneeling by a river enjoying the outdoors.


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